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Zinc is light grey-bluish colored metal, it is brittle, when heated to 100-1500С acquires plasticity, and at a temperature of 2000C  it is once again becoming fragile.

It comes according to GOST 3640-79.

  • CVOO – (content of pure Zn is not less than 99,997%) – for scientific purposes, the production of pure reagents, the needs of electrical engineering;

  • CVO (99.995%), CV1 (99,992%) – for the printing and automotive industries;

  • CO (99,99%) –  molded under pressure of critical parts of devices for production of pure reagents of zinc oxide, zinc powder;

  • CO (99,975%) – zinc galvanic sheets purpose responsible casting under pressure of zinc alloys pressure treated, hot dip galvanizing and electroplating, production of powders and oxide, alloying of aluminum alloys;

  • C1 (99,95), C2 (98,7), C3 (97,5) – a variety of purposes

Zinc CVOO put ingots weighing 5 and 10 kg, other grades zinc — ingots weighing 19-25 kg and blocks of up to 1000 kg.

Zinc anodes thickness 5-20 mm, width 65-600 mm and length up to 1000 mm are made of zinc co, C1, and C2 are supplied according to GOST 1180-91.

Zinc sheets for General purpose are supplied according to GOST 598-90 thickness of 0.12-4 mm, width 120-700mm and a length of 200-500 mm.