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A soft ductile metal with a bluish sheen on fresh cut but quickly oxidizes, forming a protective film of oxides and reliably protect the metal from further corrosion.

Available under:

  • GOST 22861-77 grades: S0000 (content of pure lead not less than 99.9999%), S000(99,9996), S00(99,9985%);

  • GOST 3778-77 grades — S0 (9,992%), S1 (9,985%), S2 (99,95%), S3 (99,90%) in the form of  ingots weighing 30-40 kg.

Lead is widely used in battery industry to protect against x-ray and nuclear radiation, acid-resistant shells and linings, as a component of solders and babbits, hot  lead coating, coinage, etc.

Lead sheets are supplied according to GOST 9559-75 from lead S0, S1, S2 and S3 with a thickness of 0.2-15mm, width 500 and 600 mm, length 750-1200mm.