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Large diameter pipes

The increase of the internal diameter is one of the most effective ways to improve pipeline throughput. Similar to steel pipe, the characteristics of which are regulated by GOST 10706-76, 20295-85, and other state standards have some differences from the products of standard size. In the manufacture of products there is using steel grades with high mechanical and corrosion resistance. All represented in the sale of a metal pipe of large diameter mandatory passed hydraulic tests. The products have a significant margin of safety and it is designed for operation in conditions of exposure to adverse environments.

In the production of steel for large diameter pipes GOST 10706-76, 20295-85 estimated their strength. There are several classes of strength:

  • К34;

  • К38;

  • K42;

  • C50;

  • K52;

  • K55;

  • K60.

Strength class is chosen in the design of the pipeline based on many factors such as pipeline pressure and climatic conditions. Besides, the steel pipes which are accorded to GOST 20295-85 have the following classification:

TYPE 1 – straight-line-seam pipe with diameter of 114-530 mm manufactured by the method of contact welding by high frequency currents

TYPE 2 – spirally pipes with a diameter of 159-820 mm made by electric arc welding

TYPE 3 – straight-line-seam pipe diameter 530-1420 mm, made arc welding.