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Fittings for pipes

An essential element in the construction of any pipeline is connector. The pipeline became a full-fledged and reliable system, we need special elements for curves and turns, the transition between connecting pipes of different sizes, slopes bends and so on.

Each of the existing types of pipeline components has its purpose. For changing the direction of tubing required to install special taps. To connect pipes having different diameters, it is desired connective transitions. If it needs to attach to the main tubing for additional branches, there are used tees. Plugs are installed on the end openings of the pipes, if necessary, shut them down. A control valve attached to the pipeline by means of flanges, which are connected with special fasteners.

Application features

Details of pipelines are used in many areas:

  • petrochemical and heavy chemical industry;

  • production, transportation and storage of gas;

  • electric power industry;

  • mining;

  • metallurgy;

  • steel production;

  • food industry;

  • shipbuilding and automotive industry.

Details of pipelines used in the design and distribution of pumping systems, irrigation systems.