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Galvanized metal pipes

Galvanized metal pipe of any cross section made of steel and both sides, external and internal, coated with a layer of zinc that contributes to its resistance to corrosion processes and increase operational life. In conventional metallic designs without the protective coating there is an annual corrosion rate of 0.1 to 1 mm. surface galvanized material destructive process slows down several times. These products correspond to the modern standards of construction of pipelines and can be used for a long period, up to 25 years.

Galvanized steel constructions, depending on their thickness, are divided into several categories:

  • light

  • reinforced

  • common

Technology of production

Galvanized pipe is usually carried out by means of immersion in liquid zinc, heated to a high temperature. There are also alternative diffuse coating methods in which the zinc atoms penetrate deep into the structure of steel. The obtained protective layer can for long time to protect the pipe from corrosion.


Pipes of galvanized steel are mainly used in the industrial sector and the housing sector to create a gas and water pipelines. Round galvanized pipes are part of the water and gas structures are used to transport liquids. Their range and values of technical characteristics is determined by the norms of GOST 3262-75. Water and gas pipes made of galvanized steel, can be multiple exact length and random (within the specified limits). Their size varies in the range of 4-12 m, in the party allowed deviation of the length of products not more than 7.5%. Steel constructions come with long and short thread. Products with wall thickness from 0.05 cm should not have chamfers on the ends. It is allowed the presence of small manufacturing defects — marks from cleaning, small dings, etc., not leading to the worsening of their main performance characteristics. Blistering, cracking and other serious damage is a manufacturing defect.

Galvanized steel pipe has high strength and can be used in the construction of pipelines with high hydraulic pressure. The period of its operation, as well as incompatibility internal space elements of corrosion combined with the easy treatment cause of its widespread and universal use. Our products are used during the construction of the systems of internal communications installations for supplying gas, drinking or industrial water, as well as for the supply of water to the direct consumer, which is, apartment, shop, warehouse, etc.