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Our company offers rolled metal from stainless steel of Russian and imported production.

In the field of structural products, stainless steel rolling is considered to be the most promising material, thanks to the widest range of its use.

Products and equipment from stainless steel are used in food production, various branches of the chemical industry. Without medical instruments made from stainless rolled metal, many treatment technologies would be impossible. High hygienic properties of this material exclude any harmful effect on drinking liquids. If water contains bromide or chloride in relatively high doses, then in such cases the equipment is made of stainless steel with the addition of molybdenum.

Compared with galvanized steel or copper, it is more profitable to buy stainless steel, as it has a higher voltage potential. Neutral characteristics of this type of metal, with respect to external microbiological effect, provide him with an active use in the production of food products. The surface of the products does not favor the development of various microorganisms, fungi and bacteria on it. These properties, as well as neutral taste qualities, make stainless steel products the most recommended for use in the food industry.

In the course of technological processing of stainless steel, one must bear in mind that there is a danger of its «rusting». This can happen if the technology of processing ordinary carbon steel is applied to it. Stainless steel is characterized by a metastable austenitic structure, whereas ordinary «black» steel is characterized by stable alloy structures.

The price of stainless steel depends largely on the added additives and processing. The introduction of a certain amount of chromium into the metal provides the stainless steel with high resistance to aggressive chemical and thermal effects. Resistance to oxidation in this case increases with increasing content of chromium. When the chromium content in the alloy reaches 13% or exceeds this level, chromium reliably protects the steel from corrosion damage.

Made from a material such as stainless steel, rolling is not afraid of the vast majority of acids of organic origin, also rolling is not afraid of relatively weak mineral acids and nitric acid. But it dissolves in hydrochloric and sulfuric acid. The highest resistance is distinguished by chromium-nickel (austenitic) metals.

For our company, the sale of stainless steel is one of the main activities. We offer stainless steel products in Kazan and regions of Russia at affordable prices. Send an application on-line or contact our staff for advice. We will certainly pick up the best option for you for the characteristics and cost.