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Sheet rolling


Steel sheet is designed for making welded pipes and structures, roll-formed profiles, boat hulls, chemical and heat exchange equipment, vehicles, aircraft and railcars, buildings cabinets, electronic machines, refrigerators and many other products. Steel sheet provides the optimal solution of structural task while minimizing the cost of the metal.

According to the method of production sheets are divided into:

  • Hot-rolled;

  • Cold-rolled.


According to thickness:

  • Rolled sheet material of 0.4 – 3.9 mm;

  • Steel plates – 4-160mm.


According to the delivery types:

  • Rolls;

  • In the leaves.


According to the presence of the coating:

  • Uncoated flat products;

  • Galvanized sheet metal;

  • Rolled sheet with polymeric coating.



The standard applies to hot-rolled steel sheet of a width 500mm or more, manufactured in sheets with thickness from 0.4 mm to 160 mm and coils with thickness from 1.2 mm to 12mm.

Sheet rolling is divided as follows:

  1. On the precision of rolling in thicknesses up to 12mm:
    • A —  high accuracy;

    • B —  normal accuracy

  2. For flatness:
    • PN — normal flatness;

    • PU — superior flatness;

    • PV — high flatness;

    • PO — particularly high flatness.

  3. Type of edge:
    • NO — with mill edge;

    • O — with cut edges.

  4. Size:
    • I — dimension in thickness, width and length;

    • II — dimension in thickness;

    • III — with dimensions that are multiples of width and length;

    • IV —  indicating volumetric size, width and length.

Rolling in rolls may consist of no more than 2 pieces (separate or united welded seam).

Rolled sheet (thickness of 0.4–3.9 mm) carbon steel quality and common quality of general purpose is made according to GOST 16523-89

Steel plate (thickness 4–160 mm) from commercial quality carbon steel manufactured according to GOST 14637-89.

The rolled sheet from low-alloy steel manufactured according to GOST 19281-89.

Depending on the type of metal and thickness, hot-rolled steel sheets made from low alloy steel grades 09G2S, 17G1S, 10KhSND.


The standard applies to plate, universal broadband, band pass and shaped rolled steel of normal and high strength for shipbuilding.

  • A, B, D, E — normal strength;

  • A27S, D27S, E27S, A32, D32, E32, A36,D36, E36, A40, D40, E40, A40S, D40S, E40S — high tensile strength.

An index of «RS» is a set of rules of the Russian Maritime register of shipping (before the designation of the steel grade indicates that the production of rent took place under the supervision of the Register, for example, the RS A32).



The standard applies to hot-rolled steel with one-sided rhombic or lenticular corrugated sheets of general purpose.

Corrugated rolling is made from rolled commercial quality carbon steel grades ST0, ST1, ST2, ST3 (boiling, quiet and semi-killed) with the chemical composition according to GOST 380.

The main purpose of corrugated steel sheet is floor and wall coverings.


Manufacturer of expanded metal sheet is in the cutting and pulling of sheets of hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, galvanized or stainless steel.


Expanded steel sheet is used:

  • for fabrication of decks and stairway steps;

  • for a variety of fencing in terms of safety and aesthetics;

  • for the manufacture of fencing garden and courtyard areas, Windows, flats, balconies, verandas, heating batteries;

  • for sealing a viewing and ventilation Windows in machine tools, appliances, machinery;

  • for the manufacture of various containers;

  • for sieving crushed rock;

  • as reinforcement for plaster application;

  • for fabrication of supports in tunneling work in mines, etc.;

  • for fabrication of a light diffusing barriers on roads with oncoming traffic.



The standard applies to cold-rolled steel sheet of a width 500mm or more, manufactured in sheets with a thickness of 0.35 mm to 5.0 mm and coils with thickness from 0.35 to 3.5 mm.

Flats are divided as follows:

  1. On manufacturing precision:

    1. Thickness:
      • BT –  normal;

      • AT –  increased;

      • VT –  high

    2. Width:
      • BSh –  normal;

      • ASh –  increased;

      • VSh – high;

    3. Length:

      • BD –  normal;

      • AD – increased;

      • VD – high

  2. For flatness:

    • PN –  normal flatness;

    • PU – superior flatness;

    • PV – high flatness;

    • PO – particularly high flatness

  3. Type of edge:

    • NO  – with mill edge;

    • O  – with cut edges.

Galvanized sheet steel from continuous lines in accordance with GOST 14918-80.

The standard applies to sheets and coils of cold rolled steel, hot-galvanized in continuous galvanizing, intended for cold forming, for painting, production of stamped parts, utensils, containers and other metal products.

  1. On appointment for groups:
    • HSh – for cold forming;

    • HP – for cold profiling:

    • PK – for painting (a trained);

    • ON – general purpose.

  2. On the ability to extract (steel band HSh) categories:
    • N – normal drawing;

    • G – deep drawing;

    • VG – very deep drawing

  3. By the uniformity of coating thickness:
    • NR –  normal thickness variation;

    • UR – with a reduced thickness variation.

By agreement between the consumer and the manufacturer galvanized steel can be made:

  • KR – pattern of crystallization;

  • MT – without the pattern of crystallization.

Our warehouses are represented by sheet rolling of different types:
Steel GOST
Hot-rolled sheet steel, ST.SP/PS GOST 19903-90 
GOST 16523-89 
GOST 14637-89
Hot-rolled sheet steel, ST.09G2S GOST 19281-89
Sheet steel for shipbuilding GOST 5521-93
Hot-rolled sheet steel, corrugated GOST 8568-77
Expanded metal sheet TU 36.26.11-5-89 
ТU 0971-001-44028369-2006 
ТU U 27.1-25484714-001-2002
Cold-rolled sheet steel, ST.KP/PS, 08PS

GOST 19904-90 
GOST 16523-89 
GOST 9045-93 
ТU 14-106-321-88 
ТU 09-0200-003-44028369-2007

Galvanized sheet steel GOST 14918-80
Hot-rolled steel coils, ST.SP/PS, 09G2S GOST 19903-90
Hot-rolled steel cils, ST.KP/PS GOST 19904-90
Galvanized steel coils GOST 14918-80

A wide assortment of steel sheet rolling is always available in the warehouses of the Company.